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Dear Gypsy Farm Fair Friends:

After great consideration, I regret to inform you that our upcoming Gypsy Farm Fair scheduled for November 4-5, 2022 has been canceled with no further plan for
continuation in the near future.  My ultimate goal and expectation for the Gypsy Farm Fair was to create a long-standing show of the highest quality and first class results. Accomplishing this dream appears increasingly difficult and stressful with our present day economy and future projections, lack of qualified hired help, and the scarcity of professional services and goods.


All monies paid will be fully refunded as soon as possible. Please call or text me if you encounter any problems.  No emails will be accepted due to time restraints. 


Let me thank each vendor, artisan, volunteer, hired helper and employee for your past participation and support. Meeting you, working alongside you and knowing you
personally has been my greatest pleasure. Your artistic talents are beyond compare, and may each of you be blessed as you continue bringing joy to others.

Glenda Miller

Owner: RedBone Willy’s Trading Co.
C: 704-300-8458

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