Nestled in the foothills of North Carolina's South Mountains. Journey into
the past with a nostalgic experience that you will fondly remember.
Glenda Bingham Miller, Proprietor
Intersection Hwy 18 & Hwy 27
6533 Fallston Road • Lawndale, NC 28090
Phone (704) 538-3670
RedBone Willy's Trading Company® opened for business on April 1, 1995. Glenda B. Miller, owner and founder of RedBone Willy's Trading Co. is what you might describe as a very down to earth individual. This willful and determined green-eyed, five foot, hundred-ten pound entrepreneur is sure to win you over as soon as you meet her.  Glenda was born and raised on the property where RedBone Willy's Trading Co.® is located. Her roots run deep, and family is of utmost importance in her priority of things.

In May of 1989 an F-5 tornado swept through the area, financially devastating Glenda and her family. Years later, after getting back on their feet and rebuilding their home, a career change seemed imminent for Glenda.

As a single mom, chaos and stress had certainly taken their toll over the years, and Glenda decided she wanted to pursue a more peaceful and fulfilling life. She began dreaming about building an old country store similar to the one she had frequented in her youth. She remembered fondly, the old potbellied stove that the local men sat around playing checkers. 

With little more than a gut feeling, a hope and a prayer she decided to make her dream come true. She began construction on the RedBone Willy Trading Co.® right on the family property which is nestled in the foothills of the South mountains, even though the nearest town of any significance is about twenty miles away in any direction. She hoped if she built it ... the people would come.

And they did. And they continue to return again and again to this delightful, rustic, country store that is literally jam-packed with gifts, clothing and goodies of every description. A place where they can sit by the pot-bellied stove and play a game of checkers, just like Glenda remembers from the days of her youth.

Today RedBone Willy's Trading Co.® is a shining example of a successful business that was built with hope, love, and faith and which brings back the peaceful tranquility of days gone by.

The warm, inviting, "country store" atmosphere 
of RedBone Willy's Trading Co.®

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